Case Study - Radcliffe On Trent

Project Details

  • Client: Residential
  • Location: Radcliffe
  • Programme: Solar PV Installation

Avonside Renewables offers systems and solutions to help reduce emissions to not only the commercial market place but also the residential.
This case study shows how through the installation of solar panels to a pre-existing property substantial savings could be made on your annual electricity bill.
Avonside Renewables do not only offer comprehensive advice and installation of the most appropriate solar panel on the market but also bring with them over 20 + years in roofing as part of Avonside Group Services.
Our expertise is in demand, particular in retro-fit installations where attention to detail is critical to ensure a continued waterproof roof covering. Unlike many other companies we are not just Solar PV contractors we know about roofs and the importance of peace of mind, knowing a competent roofer is dealing with the ‘roof over your head’.
We are one of the few MCS registered roofing contractors in the UK.
Throughout this installation the home owner was keen to install the maximum possible number of panels on his roof to enable him to make the biggest saving possible. After finding out the home owners needs, we installed 21 panels with the potential to produce ~3400kWh. This is similar to a typical family homes annual electricity usage.
As a matter of course Avonside Renewables took into account and arranged all the necessary subsidiary works that are associated with such an install including the scaffolding, electrical install and MSC commissioning as part of our complete package.
Due to meticulous planning and preparation the whole process was completed within 3 days.

Technical Speciication

The panels used were Alex Solar 190W, manufactured in the Far East with a guaranteed 25 year output warranty these were considered one of the most cost effective panels on the market at the date of installation.
The inverter used was an SMA 4000TL – a German design, work horse inverter, from a one of the world’s largest manufacturers.
Our standard rust resistant adjustable mounting system was used which caters for a broad range of roof coverings.

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