Innovation has always been a central and dynamic philosophy at Avonside Group, keeping the organisation at the forefront of the roofing industry.

The range of innovations we have developed is unrivalled by any other roofing service provider.

We were amongst the first service providers to offer what is now known as the ‘Leadwork Package’ to house builders. The key benefit of this initiative is that it enables the scaffolding to be stripped earlier so as to assist the builder in reducing its critical path thus providing a cost benefit to clients.

We have also pioneered the promotion of low maintenance, dry fix systems to the roofing industry, thus reducing the impact of poor weather conditions on our customers’ programmes by reducing the use of wet bedding mortar works.

Many customers still request traditional roofing techniques and so we have been instrumental in the design of a specialist roofing mortar which is currently used across the group as standard. This roofing mortar provides enhanced performance which results in minimising the risk of mortar problems and consequent call-backs to a roof in the future.

Innovation at Avonside Group goes beyond materials, extending to the business vision and procedures. We have initiated our own environmental policy which has a dual focus – a  commitment to minimising the impact of house building activities on the environment whilst exploring new technologies and systems.

We are heavily involved in the renewable energy market and frequently consult with developers and manufacturers to develop new ways of achieving renewable targets in a pragmatic and economically viable manner.

For example, the drive to offer a ‘one-stop’ solution in energy efficient solutions has seen the Group expand its expertise into solar panel installations which we now provide for our clients at sites across the UK. We work with architects, planners and developers to offer the most cost-effective solutions which often include multi-trade solutions.