Customer Care

Avonside Group is the largest service provider in Britain in terms of geographical presence, with locations stretching from the South West and Home Counties into Scotland.

The Group believes that it has a responsibility – not just to its customer-base but also to the reputation of the industry as a whole – to ensure that it achieves the highest standards of professionalism and customer satisfaction.

One of Avonside Group’s goals is to secure new and repeat business from customers and win performance-related awards. With repeat business being a measure of success these awards are displayed with pride of achievement in each branch. This underlines Avonside’s business philosophy that the level of service provided to each and every customer should result in a guaranteed recommendation.

Avonside Group believes that the personnel responsible for the delivery of contracts are central to customer satisfaction. In order to ensure the highest possible level of service, all staff are trained with the specific competencies relevant to each project in terms of materials used and technologies employed.

In the unlikely event that a problem may arise, Avonside Group provides a dedicated customer care team who can respond effectively and efficiently to the needs of both customer and its customer/end-user as appropriate. In addition, Avonside Group invests in new technologies, materials and methods in a positive and proactive effort to prevent, wherever practicable, any re-occurrence of an issue.

Avonside Group is also happy to provide advice on specification, at pre-construction stages, to effectively ‘design out’ any potentially problematic situations. A copy of Avonside Group’s Customer Care Policy is available upon request.