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Avonside Home Improvements, operated by Ploughcroft, serves the domestic home and property market in the UK. We supply and install an increasing range of improvements direct to the consumer.

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A bit about Ploughcroft….

Ploughcroft are a leading Yorkshire roofing and Home Improvement company, led by Chris Hopkins, a certified & registered 'Chartered Building Engineer'

We firmly believe that looking after your roof and installing energy saving measures to your home will save you money in the long run for the finer things in life!

Providers of some of the world’s most innovative yet affordable products, Ploughcroft staff are well placed to advise you on all energy saving solutions from roofing and building to loft, cavity and wall insulation.

A unique combination of credentials places us firmly ahead of the competition, making Ploughcroft your installer of choice. Chris’s (our Managing Director) priority has always been ‘customer service’ and to ensure the customer is happy and looked after at every stage.

  • A 15 year background of high quality roofing twinned with solar installation experience since 2006
  • A proven track record with thousands of solar installations successfully completed
  • Representative on the Green Construction Board
  • A Commitment to ongoing training for all our personnel
  • A passion for innovation, environmental issues and serving the interests of the community


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