We provide a first class service by working with our customers, which includes tenants, residents and clients, to ensure their needs are catered for and their expectations are exceeded.


We have extensive knowledge of working on occupied premises and understands that for occupants having work done on their homes can be disruptive and for some, a cause for concern.

For Tenants and Residents we promise:

  • To understand their needs
  • To treat their homes and possessions with the utmost respect
  • Not to start work before 8 am and to finish by 5 pm, and not to work at weekends, unless by prior arrangement
  • To keep tenants informed of progress at all times
  • To keep our appointments
  • To notify you as soon as possible if appointments have to be rearranged due to unforeseen circumstances
  • To not leave tenants without services for any longer than necessary
  • new roofing and cladding
  • To keep the neighbourhood safe and tidy
  • Not to swear or smoke around occupied homes
  • To keep homes secure
  • Assist in the movement of heavy items where necessary
  • To provide good, quality workmanship and a friendly face
  • To maintain confidentiality at all times
  • To conduct our work in a health-conscious and safe manner at all times
  • Not to use tenant facilities without permission
  • To manage, control and minimise noise and dust levels
  • To maintain acceptable levels of cleanliness and tidiness
  • To ensure all our staff have ID and the correct PPE

We rigorously monitor these promises and we will always strive for continuous improvement.


During all works carried out, we will endeavour to make our customers the main focus and priority and we hope to make their experience of all works as pleasant as possible.

To do this we undertake detailed pre-work communication with each individual resident, this allows us time to get to know the customers’ individual needs and understand how the work in their homes will affect them (health, vulnerability or any dependants needs).

Please take a look at our downloadable Residents Handbook.