Avonside is Happy to Bring BillSaveUK Onboard!

Published on 12th August 2019
Avonside Group acquires BillSaveUK

After recently acquiring Danescourt Roofing Ltd and welcoming Mid-Kent Roofing to the Group, we are extremely pleased to announce that we have acquired BillSaveUK Housebuilding Insulation Division too.

BillSaveUK are established and reputable insulation contractors for Britain’s housebuilders and specialise in Home Insulation, Loft Insulation, Cavity Wall Insulation, and excel at providing energy efficiency advice.

What Does the Acauqition Mean For BillSaveUK Customers?

We are keen to highlight that existing BillSaveUK customers will continue to receive first-class service and the acquisition will not result in any disruption to their usual business and experience with BillSaveUK. As is the case with all our divisions, providing customers with a reliable and high-quality service they can trust is always our top priority and our newly Insulation Division is no exception.

What Does the Acauqwtion of BillSaveUK Mean for Avonside?

In what can only be described as a positive step, the acquisition will mean Avonside’s existing insulation operation will now be incorporated into the new Division.

BillSaveUK’s insulation business, with its regional depots, staff and operational capability will remain in place under the dependable leadership of Bill Rumble, who will run the Insulation Division on behalf of Avonside Group.

The service offered will be on a national basis, mirroring Avonside Roofing’s approach. We’re also happy to report that BillSaveUK’s primary insulation partner, Knauf Insulation, have expressed their full support and will continue to support the business going forward.

The move is part of the Group’s long-term growth plans as our CEO, Tony Burke explains:

“BillSaveUK have garnered a reputation of being the country’s leading installers of cavity wall insulation and loft insulation and have built fantastic relationships with their loyal customer base. As part of Avonside Group’s long-term growth strategy, we are pleased to have the opportunity to build on BillSaveUK’s legacy and are looking forward to delivering the high standard of service customers have come to expect.”