Results of Branches in Commercial Feedback Questionnaire

Published on 2nd January 2019
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We all like to start a New Year on a positive note and Avonside staff are no exception. Committed to providing the highest standards of service and workmanship and exceeding customer expectations all year round, Avonside staff only deliver the best results.

We’re pleased to announce that the average feedback score from our Customer Satisfaction Survey was a consistent and strong 88% throughout the year!

But which branches faired the best in the Commercial Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Once a customer places an order with any of our branches they are automatically sent a straight-forward survey. The questionnaire comprises of 8 questions in which the recipient ranks Avonside’s performance in a particular area out of 10, with 1 being ‘strong disagree’ and 10 being ‘strongly disagree’. We also welcome additional customer comments at the end of the survey.

The aim of the survey is to capture how well our branches’ commercial/sales departments performed across different areas. So we are able to establish how we can continually improve the service we deliver, these areas include:

  • customer engagement,
  • understanding of customer requirements and whether this understanding was reflected in the bid,
  • if regular communication between the BDM/Estimator and the customer was regular and effective,
  • if customers were given efficient responses to their queries,
  • whether the tender was submitted on time and
  • whether, based on their experience, customers would use Avonside again for their future tendering projects.

Brilliantly, over 40% of our customers rated us above 90% for overall customer satisfaction! This is a remarkable statistic, considering all Avonside branches are reviewed.

We have seen an incredible 81% increase in customer engagement through our surveys, providing us with valuable insights.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

A customer feedback dashboard has now been created, which staff can view on our internal SalesForce System. Branches which secured a score of 40% or lower cause a non-conformance warning to flag-up, which results in an Internal Quality Review with the aim of enhancing performances and standards.

The top performing branches who certainly don’t have to worry about Internal Quality Reviews are: (drum roll!)

  1. SM Roofing (Walsall) – Residential Roofing
    Feedback score: 100%
  2. Ploughcroft Roofing (Halifax) – Home Improvements
    Feedback score: 95%
  3. Avonside Honiton – Residential Roofing
    Feedback score: 95%
  4. Avonside Southampton – Residential Roofing
    Feedback score: 95%
  5. Avonside Midlands – Flat Roofing
    Feedback score: 89%

Avonside Group Services’ Systems and Integration Director, Kyle Burke said: “Honestly, the introduction of a passive means of gathering customer feedback was initially met with some uncertainty. There is always a level of discomfort when inviting criticism, particularly in an industry with as many factors for success as construction.

“Whilst there’s always room for improvement, I think the results show the care and commitment we have for our customers, which is something all our staff should be incredibly proud of.

“In addition, given the continued growth and diversity of the Avonside brand, the additional governance brought about by the automated non-conformance records mean we can resolve issues quickly and maintain relationships when issues do occur.”

Congratulations to all the top performing branches! Other branches, can you boost your Feedback scores?