Avonside Edinburgh Contribute to Award Winning Community Engagement Project

Published on 17th August 2018
The Dalbeattie Learning Campus

Avonside Edinburgh’s high spirits continued this summer as they contributed to another award-winning project: The Dalbeattie Learning Campus, which won The Construction News Community Engagement Project of the Year Award!

The aim of the project was to replace Dumfries and Galloway Council’s range of nursery, primary and secondary schools with one single, innovative learning campus.

Contractor Graham Construction made the project a reality with Avonside Edinburgh pleased to have delivered 6000m2 of slating, flat roofing, RWG, leadwork and PPC flashings whilst employing local Operatives on the impressive project.

What is notable about the project is the time and effort the contractors put into getting feedback from pupils, with the majority of students’ suggestions being incorporated into the project.

One pupil recommendation included moving sinks for handwashing to the outside of bathrooms as this would help towards preventing bullying. The campus’ contractors and designers obliged and reflected the idea in the final building.

Brilliantly, one child requested a slide to enable them to leave school at the end of each day by riding down it…much to the child’s (and no doubt many teachers’) delight, a slide was installed!

Congratulations Avonside Edinburgh and Graham Construction!