Introducing Our New Purchasing Manager, Leah!

Published on 16th July 2021
Leah Massey Purchasing Manager at Avonside Group

We’re delighted to have Leah Massey on board as our new Purchasing Manager!

Leah shared that she is: “very pleased to have been given the opportunity to join the Avonside team and I am very much looking forward to developing my role.”

Reporting directly to our Group Commercial Director, Simon Smith, Leah has been in the job for three months and has already made a positive impact! This is so much so that she was our Employee of the Month for June!

Off to a Brilliant Start!

Praising her approach to work and revealing what experience she can contribute to the Group, Simon said:

“Leah joined the company just three months ago and has already proven herself to be a very strong addition to our team.

“She is a hard-working, knowledgeable supply-chain professional, and this is borne out in the business process improvements and significant cost efficiencies she is delivering for the business.”

“Her ability to quickly form positive relationships is impressive and her open, solution-orientated approach commands respect and confidence within the wider team,” he explained.

“From my perspective, I am very happy to have the opportunity to work closely with Leah both day-to-day and on the longer-term strategic development of our supply chain. I look forward to watching her career blossom within Avonside Group over the years to come.”

What Does Leah’s Purchasing Manager Job Involve?

We caught up with Leah to find out…

1) How are you finding your new role?

I have been with Avonside for three months and I really feel part of the team. I am working with some great people and within a busy and exciting industry.

2) What does your job as Purchasing Manager involve day-to-day?

Purchasing is a very varied role, and every day is different.

Purchasing touches almost every part of the business, from managing and developing supplier relationships, creating buying strategies, reviewing pricing, and managing supply chains to ensure products are available at the right time, with the best quality and best cost.

3) What challenges are you facing in your new job and how are you overcoming them?

2021 is challenging for everyone; the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic mean we are seeing great volatility in supply chains, not only with the price but with material availability. We are dealing with unique and unprecedented pressures, fortunately, Avonside is fully prepared for the challenges ahead.

4) What impact do you hope to have on the Group within your new role?

I have spent the last 18 years working in procurement within construction, automotive, satellite, and pharmaceutical. With a background in manufacturing and retail, I hope my experience will bring a new perspective to group procurement and add to an already well-established knowledge base.

Once again, we’re thrilled to have you as part of the team, Leah!