Avonside Recognised As Market Leader by Roofing Today Magazine

Published on 13th November 2018
Roofing Today Magazine's Top 30 Contractors

Since people are the driving force behind any business, Avonside would like to thank each and every staff member, as their valuable hard work and effort have all contributed to Roofing Today magazine ranking the Group second in their Top 30 UK Roofing Contractors 2018 list.

Listed according financial performance, the rankings are based on data supplied by business performance and industry analysts, Plimsoll Publishing.

The prestigious list was first published in Roofing Today’s September issue (page 10). In the September edition the magazine stated: “Avonside has expanded exponentially under the leadership of Managing Director, Tony Burke.

“Tony says that excellent operational delivery, strong financial and cash management, as well as a clearly thought-out and well-communicated strategy are keys to its success.”

Upon receiving the position as being one of the top 3 roofing contractors in the country, Avonside Group Managing Director, Tony Burke told the publication: “We’re an ambitious group and we are delighted to be a market leader in key areas of business performance.”

Avonside in Roofing Today Magazine's Top 30 Contractors

Roofing Today decided to rank roofing contractors based on their turnovers as the publication believes that was a fairer factor to rank contractors on than profit, which can be skewed during a particular financial year by directors’ shareholdings or ‘extra-curricular’ investments for example.

With regards to profit Roofing Today’s editor, Dr Claire Griffiths says in her commentary of the listing: “Not far behind [M&J Group (Construction & Roofing) Ltd] is Acclaim Contracts and Avonside Roofing – although if we combined the latter with all operations in the Avonside Group, it would no doubt lead the field.”

Claire highlights that employees in the workforce of those roofing contractors in the Top 30 list total just 2,528, which pales in comparison to the 29,676 roofing professionals that make up the actual roofing industry, the majority of whom are subcontracted rather than employed.

She summarises: “With a flat-lining forecast for next year illustrating worries about Brexit, the post-Grenfell impact, and skills shortages, it’s a cautious industry embarking on the next 12 months, set to make interesting reading in our next Top 30 in 2019!”