Castleoak, Bishopstoke Park Retirement Village

Published on 3rd June 2021
Avonside and Bracknell Roofing Southampton roof tiling on Bishopstoke Park Retirement Village for Castleoak
  • Division: Commercial Roofing
  • Client: Castleoak
  • Location: Eastleigh, Hampshire
  • Sector: Commercial

Castleoak is a leading developer of homes with care and social housing with a mission to support people to live well and in the future. When they wanted to provide luxury accommodation for the retired population of Hampshire at their Bishopstoke Park Retirement Village, Avonside and Bracknell Roofing Southampton were pleased to help them deliver on their promise of exceptional quality by providing outstanding roof tiling, vertical tiling, and leadwork services.

Working During the Pandemic

With the project running from December 2019 and completing in May 2021, it was one of the only projects Bracknell Roofing worked on that ran throughout the entire duration of the first lockdown. Fortunately, Avonside Group and Bracknell Roofing were able to supply sufficient labour throughout the pandemic, meaning minimum disruption to the process of site works. Although some material shortages were encountered due to suppliers not having enough, on this particular project Bracknell Roofing had purchased materials from a merchant rather than directly from the manufacturer as they usually do. As a result, the issue of a lack of supplies was avoided.

Materials used included Dreadnought Red Blue Blend tiles for the roof tiling and vertical tiling and Code 4 lead to chimneys, dormers and flashings.

Despite roofers working predominately outside meaning they were at less risk of COVID than internal trades working in enclosed spaces, Avonside Group and Bracknell Roofing didn’t want to take any chances! The site provided extra handwashing stations and COVID-19 safety regulations, such as social distancing were strictly adhered to. This was on top of the monthly Health and Safety Toolbox talks and inspections carried out by the Contracts Manager to make sure everyone was up to speed on workplace safety best practices. The inspections involved a comprehensive form being filled out following the Contracts Manager spending around 40 minutes walking around the site meticulously checking safety rules were being followed.


Access Issues

Due to the ground behind the five plots, Avonside and Bracknell Roofing worked on and the general layout of the site, all five of the plots didn’t have the four loading bays usually seen at the front, rear, and sides of a plot. In fact, three of the plots only had one loading bay each. This posed logistical issues that could only be overcome by Avonside and Bracknell Roofing supplying extra labour to facilitate the transport of roof tiles around the site.

Environment Considerations

As other retirement homes in the village were occupied, operatives had to take into consideration noise levels and could only begin work at 8:30am rather than the usual 7:30/8am.

Care was also taken to follow the Principal Contractor’s rules of segregated waste for responsible material disposal.

Avonside and Bracknell Roofing Southampton roof tiling on Bishopstoke Park Retirement Village for Castleoak including Velux windowsWorking Alongside Other Trades

Avonside and Bracknell Roofing’s teams worked in-situ with other trades to ensure the smooth running of the project. For example, carpenters installed Velux windows before Avonside and Bracknell’s Roofers could install the flashing kits. Our operatives had to install the roof battens before the solar installers could carry out their work, paving the way for our teams to finish their roof tiling. This all meant strict timelines had to be adhered to.

A Positive Result

As well as producing a high standard of work during the challenging time of the pandemic, Bracknell Roofing Southampton’s Jake Price also completed his NVQ Level 2 in Roofing Occupations – Roof Tiler and Slater while working on the Bishopstoke Park site, with his training provider using his work onsite as evidence towards his qualification. Well done, Jake!