CALA Homes Midlands, Malvern Rise

Published on 8th July 2019
Avonside Worcester roofing project for CALA Homes Midlands Malvern Rise site in Leigh Sinton
  • Division: Residential Roofing
  • Client: CALA Homes Midlands
  • Location: Malvern Rise, Leigh Sinton
  • Sector: Residential

Avonside Worcester are proud to have worked closely with the Site Management Team to achieve the creation of a 5-star housing estate in a £196,562.00 project in Malvern Rise, Leigh Sinton, which involved 51 plots and a substation to roof tile.

The Malvern Rise project maximised the very best of Avonside Worcester’s roof tiling and leadwork services and ran from June 2017 – January 2019. Our Worcester branch particularly enjoyed rising to the challenge of the project brief as it was the first project the branch had worked on with CALA Homes Midlands in this area.

Maintaining Health and Safety

To ensure risk was reduced on-site our Avonside Worcester branch took care to ensure all operatives had the site induction and read and signed Avonside Group Services’ Safety, Health, Environment and Quality SHEQ file, which is audited and includes all of the Group’s Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS). The completion of monthly site audit and internal job inspection forms by the Branch Manager and/or the Contracts Manager also contributed to keeping on-site risk to a minimum.

Regular toolbox talks held with operatives and the rolling out of monthly up-to-date and relevant company focus training played a significant role in guaranteeing that operatives implemented health and safety best practices. Meanwhile, all plots were signed off by the Contracts Manager with the Site Manager and regular internal company inspector visits ensured that the highest standards were kept for each plot.

Avonside Worcester roof tiling for CALA Homes Midlands Malvern Rise project in Leigh Sinton

Fostering Trusted Relationships with the Client

Site working hours were adhered to, which was vital as the local residential houses were situated very close to the Malvern Rise site. This, coupled with the implementation of a traffic management system, succeeded in creating the least amount of inconvenience for local residents and protected CALA Homes Midlands’ reputation in the minds of local residents.

During the regular toolbox talks our Avonside Worchester team held with operatives, the emphasis was placed on the importance of operatives keeping good relations with the local residents on behalf of CALA Homes.

A Lasting Mutually Beneficial Relationship

The completion of all roofing works on time and to National House Building Council (NHBC) standards allowed CALA Homes to finish the site ahead of the estimated completion dates, cementing their reputation as leading housebuilders.

Avonside Worcester are thrilled to report that CALA Homes Midlands are so happy with the standard and service delivered that they have given Avonside Worcester another site to start on this year, with glowing references given by the Site Manager, Peter Miles.

Avonside Worcester Residential Roofing roof tiling for CALA Homes Midlands Malvern Rise project in Leigh Sinton

On the accomplishment, Avonside Worcester Branch Manager, Jim Brice said:

“Being a new client for my branch in this area, it was really important that CALA Homes felt confident in me and the rest of my team.

“I always consider the last roof I completed to be my CV, which is why it was pleasing to receive another project from CALA Homes, purely based on feedback from the Malvern Rise project. Peter, the Site Manager called me to brief me and that he has recommended us and has asked for Avonside Worcester to be used for his next site.

“The CALA Homes MD also lives very close to this site in Leigh Sinton and it’s brilliant to hear that they too are happy with the project completion.”

These brilliant results demonstrate that Avonside Worcester team’s determination to build a great working relationship with the Site Management Team, by always creating clear and honest communication lines and ensuring operatives were aware of the quality expected, really paid off.