Central Middlesex Hospital

Published on 8th June 2018
Central Middlesex Hospital
  • Division: Commercial Roofing
  • Client: Bouygues / Brent Hospital Trust
  • Location: Middlesex
  • Sector: Healthcare

The Background
The Private Finance Initiative (PFI) was introduced in 1993 by the Conservatives, the aim of which was to encourage private investment in major public buildings. Since PFI began, 27 new acute hospitals have been completed and 41 are due to open by 2013. One of these is Central Middlesex Hospital.

The Problem
Building of Central Middlesex Hospital began in mid-2004 for completion in early 2006. The huge building required an inverted roof system that performed to the criteria requested by both the PFI contractor and the client, gave all the relevant guarantees and was still cost-effective.

The Solution
Liquid Plastics’ seamless, cold applied Inverted Roof System was specified. This consists of a Decothane waterproof layer, which is guaranteed to last for at least 20 years, 120mm insulation and a Liquid Plastics’ Filtration Layer. The system can then be overlaid with pavers to create durable walkways.

The Benefits
As the system is completely cold applied, this eliminates the risk of fire normally associated with traditional roof applications. Furthermore, because the waterproof layer is completely seamless it is free from potentially weak areas such as joints where early failure can occur. This is particularly important in inverted roof situations where the waterproof layer is below the surface and not easily reachable should problems occur.