Elan Homes, Walcot Meadow

Published on 14th August 2019
Avonside Worcester roofing project for Elan Homes Walcot Meadow site
  • Division: Residential Roofing
  • Client: Elan Homes
  • Location: Walcot Lane, Drakes Broughton
  • Sector: Residential

As well as being tasked to deliver the roofs of 32 plots to current British Standards, our Avonside Worcester Residential Roofing branch were required to begin, and subsequently develop, a positive relationship with new client, Elan Homes throughout this £96,480.00 project.

The roof tiling and leadwork project began back in February 2019 and is due to be completed on February 2020. The live Walcot Meadow site is located on Walcot Lane, Drakes Broughton, a village in Worcestershire.

Managing and Minimising On-Site Risk

Added to the site induction that all operatives had was the request for them to read and sign Avonside Group’s Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) file, which is audited and includes all of Avonside Group’s Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS).

Monthly site audit sheets and internal job inspection forms were completed by the Branch Manager and/or Contracts Manager to ensure that the highest standards were (and continue to be) maintained. Regular toolbox talks with operatives and the rolling out of up-to-date and relevant monthly company focus training also helped (and continue to help) keep standards high.

Avonside Worcester roofing project for Elan Homes Walcot Meadow site in Drakes Broughton

All plots are meticulously planned and, when complete, signed off by the Contracts Manager along with the Site Manager for approval and the site is subject to thorough internal company inspector visits to ensure expectations are being met. This practice ensures accountability and makes sure the Site Team has confidence that if any aspect of a plot falls below Avonside’s standards that it is actioned immediately and doesn’t cause delays to the site’s overall progress, preventing return visits to the site and negative financial implications.

Avonside Worcester roofing project for Elan Homes Walcot Meadow site in Drakes Broughton

How We Have Built Strong Relationships with the Client

Our Avonside Worcester operatives made sure that all communication was sent to the relevant parties to ensure that Avonside didn’t negatively affect the working relationship between Elan Homes and their new local residents. Clear and honest communication lines were used. During the regular toolbox talks Avonside Worcester held with our operatives they highlighted the importance of respecting local residents in safeguarding Elan Homes’ reputation with their new residents.

Where possible, the Worcester team have always aimed to achieve consistency by ensuring that the same roofers attend inspector visits, so they have opportunities to build a trusting relationship with the Site Management Team.

Avonside Worcester roofing project for Elan Homes Walcot Meadow site in Drakes Broughton

The Results of Focusing on Client Relationship Development

Although our Avonside Worcester team are still working on the Drakes Broughton site, according to Avonside Worcester Branch Manager, Jim Brice, Elan Homes are really impressed with their work so far and have given the branch another one of their projects to work on in summer 2019. Speaking on the project’s progress so far Jim said:

“Elan Homes have realised and commented that Avonside Worcester are always part of the solution when problems crop up and are consistently on-hand to help resolve any issues that arise. They are pleased that all plots delivered to date have been completed on time and to National House Building Council (NHBC) standards and happy that every internal inspector visit produces great results when the site is audited.”