Fernhill Flats

Published on 7th January 2019
Rutherglen project
  • Division: Residential Roofing
  • Client: South Lanarkshire Council
  • Location: Rutherglen, South Lanarkshire
  • Sector: Local Authorities

Avonside Roofing Ltd T/A Avonside Energy Efficiency are undertaking the external insulation works, plus replacement flat roofing using Sika Liquid Membrane, to 31 blocks of flats within Fernhill, Rutherglen, South Lanarkshire.

Project Description

Alsecco External Insulation with spar dash render finish.

  •  Funding provided by Npower £1.4m
  •  Additional Funding provided by National Retrofit Contribution £280k
  •  Contribution from the client £620k
  •  (Approximately 75% of the overall project cost is provided by funding)

The Project will cover

  •  External Wall Insulation
  •  Scaffolding
  •  Flat Roof replacement (Sika Liquid Membrane), and Insulation upgrade
  •  Roofline works – soffit and fascia
  •  Rainwater goods – guttering and pipework
  •  Gas Flues and external appliance fitments
  •  Asbestos Removal
  •  Common Windows, Doors, entrance bay and Canopy refurbishment
  •  Communal Satellite System (IRS)
  •  Concrete Balcony Repairs and redecoration

Avonside Energy Efficiency’s ability to start work rapidly meant that South Lanarkshire Council was able to use funding from the National Retrofit Contribution scheme (now known as Home Energy Efficiency Programme [HEEPS]) to part-fund the work needed to improve the energy efficiency of 290 homes (in 31 blocks of low rise flats). This scheme was coming to an end and funding would have been lost if not used within a few months. This, coupled an ECO contribution from Npower, means that the council is having to fund very little of the work itself.

The Scottish Government announced the launch of HEEPS, which is a cluster of programmes currently including Affordable Warmth, Area Based Schemes, Energy Assistance Scheme and Gas Infill. HEEPS programmes offer various funding schemes for households who are vulnerable to fuel poverty or live in the most deprived areas. The initiative is to make homes warmer, more environmentally friendly and easier and cheaper to heat. The funding is expected to help leverage around £125million of investment from major utility companies to deliver the projects.

Avonside Energy Efficiency started on Fernhill in Rutherglen, South Lanarkshire in March, and work was completed on time. This extensive programme of works will include thermal roof and external wall insulation, integrated satellite telecommunication systems, and repairs to a range of external environmental works which will ultimately deliver savings on energy bills between £250 and £400 per year, per household to the 1960s built flats.

Avonside Energy Efficiency delivers a range of services to reduce the carbon emissions of domestic properties in both the social and private sector. Not only will the Fernhill project save householders money but it will also enable Avonside to invest in local employment and the local economy.

This contract has enabled Avonside to create new jobs – we have already taken on 11 local people, and our future objective is to offer four apprenticeship placements providing new skills that will be required in an emerging marketplace associated with energy efficiency measures required over the next few years to attain the Scottish Government’s aspirations to mitigate fuel poverty.

Being able to start on site so quickly meant that, unlike many local authorities, South Lanarkshire could get the best value from the National Retrofit Contribution scheme, thus saving them money.