Highgrove Swimming Pool

Published on 8th March 2019
Highgrove Swimming Pool
  • Division: Commercial Roofing
  • Client: Highgrove Swimming Pool
  • Location: Hillingdon
  • Sector: Commercial

The initial contract began with the overlay of existing felt works and cladding to a new extension.

The contract required a multi-discipline approach due to the various technical requirements to undertake the specified works on behalf of Hillingdon Council in partnership with VolkerWessels UK.

Exceptional workmanship

Upon completion of the first phase, the client commented on the exceptional workmanship and sought funding to change the cladding to match the ‘fantastic’ appearance of the new extension across the entire leisure complex.


The external façade was looking tired and did not reflect the internal vibrancy of the building’s leisure facilities.

The additional contract involved the removal of all existing cladding and the installation of new Kingspan covering.

Prior to works commencing and commercial sign-off, all the detailed design drawings were supplied by Avonside Roofing in-house team, including the architectural feature to the gymnasium elevation.

During the design stage, the Avonside Roofing team also discussed commercial savings and recommended the change of specification of material on the main roof from expensive liquid membrane to cost-effective felt covering.

Installation of felt covering, whilst very durable, can suffer from puddling if water cannot run off due to blocked outlets from leaves and debris which could cause leakage through joints. The design, therefore, included adequate downpipe coverage to prevent blockage and the assurance that the design and installation would give all due consideration to prevent excessive water retention.

In addition, the team at Avonside Roofing recommended the use of Triflex to coat the gym roof to ensure all significant amounts of plant (for example AC Units) that could not be moved were protected. Triflex was used primarily due to its unique ability to coat ‘anything and everything on a sensitive roof.

This area of the roof had historically suffered from leaks, and to re-roof totally would have been extremely costly.

By applying Triflex flat roof waterproofing system, cold liquid applied, this seamless cover offered effective protection to the existing roof which immediately mitigated those troublesome leaks.


Maintenance advice and guidance is part of the aftercare customer support service that Avonside provides to their clients, this includes all handy tips with regard to simple checks to ensure the flat roof remains in optimum condition throughout its lifespan.

Furthermore, the design provided to the client by Avonside is supported by an insurance-backed guarantee in addition to the material warranty, and the assurance that all staff employed are of the highest calibre and bring with them tangible expertise backed by a wealth of accreditations.

By providing the client with a detailed design, material warranties, and an analytical cost-saving calculation, plus insurance backed guarantee the recommended change in the original specification was accepted.

The lists of main products and trades required were:

  • Felting (Bauder Total Roof system)
  • Triflex liquid waterproofing
  • Kingspan Cladding
  • Spraying the existing cladding to match the new extension
  • Mansafe installation
  • Scaffolding (with bespoke design due to site conditions)
  • Soprema single ply

Completed external refurbishment including flat roofing works, external cladding, and design works.