Lilac Court

Published on 11th February 2020
Lilac Court Solar PV Install by Avonside Renewables
  • Division: Renewables
  • Client: Nottingham Community Housing Association (NCHA)
  • Location: Clifton, Nottinghamshire
  • Sector: Social Housing

When the Nottingham Community Housing Association (NCHA) wanted a single supplier to provide all the services and products required to deliver the installation of a 15.6kWP (minimum) Viridian Solar Fusion PV16-270 Photovoltaic System to replace the existing skylights in their sheltered accommodation, Lilac Court, Avonside Renewables were delighted to help them fulfil their objectives.

Aims and Objectives

Situated in rural Clifton, Lilac Court provides supported housing in a pleasant and friendly environment for people aged 55+ who have support needs. The aim was for the Viridian Solar Fusion PV16-270 Photovoltaic System to generate electricity to be used by the landlord supply for the communal areas, reducing the mains utility electricity consumption and carbon dioxide emissions for NCHA. The new solar PV system achieving Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accreditation was also a high priority objective.

Services Provided

Avonside Renewables removed the existing double-glazing units from the roof of Lilac Court’s main first-floor corridor and replaced them with in-roof solar PV. We expertly installed 60 Viridian Solar Fusion PV16-270 panels, 60 SolarEdge P300 optimisers, a SolarEdge 15K inverter, and set up a SolarEdge monitoring platform. With the client looking to work with just one supplier and installer, Avonside Renewables, as the designated Principle Contractor and Designer, were pleased to offer the complete Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) package. Services delivered included:

  • Commissioning, designing, supplying and installing an MCS accredited PV system
  • Full tenant liaison
  • Upgrading insulation
  • Plaster-boarding
  • Decorating
  • Reinforcing roof timbers

We installed Viridian Fusion PV16 panels in lieu of the double-glazing units, having to adjust the roof tiling in and around the immediate area. We also installed new battens to support the panels and reinstated the roof tiling, as well as putting forward a full set of Building Regulation drawings on behalf of the client. Added to this, we upgraded the insulation, strengthened existing timber members with bespoke measured and laser-cut steel brackets, applied new fireline plasterboard, skim and paint and installed a new automatic PIR LED lighting system, which provides a dimmed output to 10% illumination when not fully active.

Lilac Court during the Solar PV Install by Avonside Renewables

Lilac Court during the Solar PV Install by Avonside Renewables

Challenges Overcome

The main work area was within the main access corridor on the first floor, in and around occupied assisted living apartments, so ensuring that there were clear walkways always available was a top priority for wheelchair and reduced mobility residents, allowing minimum disruption and discomfort, but also ensuring clear egress in case of emergency. The lift needed to be available at all times to the residents too. All activity stopped when residents approached the working area, meaning we had to allow additional working time within our tender proposal.


We are pleased to report that the project was delivered within the given timescales and importantly, within budget. We were responsible for producing Building Regulation drawings and ensuring Building Regulations approval, so all aspects of the project met or exceeded the necessary building regulations. With Avonside Renewables being a fully MCS accredited installer, we had no problem helping the client to fulfil their goal of having an MCS accredited solar PV system.

Lilac Court roof after Solar PV Install by Avonside Renewables

Lilac Court roof after Solar PV Install by Avonside Renewables

No hardware or wiring is needed to send data from the power optimisers to the inverter because the monitoring sensors and transmitters are built into the SolarEdge power optimiser and solar inverter, and measurement data is transmitted over the regular power lines. As a result of our work and using leading products, NCHA can seamlessly monitor their new solar PV system’s performance. Conveniently accessible from a computer, mobile or tablet, the SolarEdge monitoring platform provides NHCA with full visibility of their new solar PV system’s technical and financial performance, presented in interactive charts and simple site layout. The intuitive platform also gives them automatic alerts flagging up system errors should they arise.

Richard Coleman, NCHA Property Services’ Technical Inspector was extremely pleased with all inspected elements of the project, commending the Avonside Renewables team for their workmanship. In fact, the client was so pleased with our work, we are now undertaking a number of bespoke repair projects for NCHA and were asked to replace more lighting as part of an extension to the Lilac Court contract.

  • Total Installed Capacity (TIC): 16.2kWp
  • Expected generation per annum: 14,588kWh
  • Carbon emissions reduction per annum: 7571kgs
  • Feed-in-Tariff, Export Tariff and savings per annum: approx. £1500