Miller Homes East Scotland, Calderwood

Published on 29th October 2021
  • Division: Residential Roofing
  • Client: Miller Homes East Scotland
  • Location: East Calder, Livingston, Scotland
  • Sector: Residential

The team at our Avonside Roofing Edinburgh branch is delighted to have been involved in carrying out roof tiling works on 70 new-build plots alongside associated low-level roofs and garages for Miller Homes East Scotland.

We are especially glad to have contributed to the £430,000 project, where works began in April 2019, as the Site Manager Derek Tait was awarded a prestigious NHBC Pride in the Job Quality accolade for his coordination and management of the site!

Works at the site, which comprises three- to five-bedroomed modern family homes, are expected to finish in October 2021.

Perfect Products for Scottish Conditions

Sandtoft Modula and Cassius clay tiles were selected for all main roofs and garages in this project. Sandtoft Modula tiles are efficient to install and offer charming appearances unique to clay. The main benefits include them being extremely durable with a colour that will slowly mature over a long period of time rather than fade. This means the roof looks just as good, if not even better in two decades’ time. Meanwhile, the cost-effective Cassius Interlocking Clay Roof Tile – Antique Slate boasts a high-performance weatherproof design following intensive wind tunnel testing. The large size, open gauge, and hidden interlocks make the installation process quick and seamless.

For all low-level roofs on-site, the affordable Sandtoft 20/20 Interlocking Roof Tiles were used. The modern interlock on this clay tile is what gives it its flexibility and high performance and means it can be installed on roof pitches as low as 15 degrees.

Roof membranes by Protect provided the properties with enhanced thermal protection and vapour control. SRT Premium Gold Graded Battens were also used. They are compliant with the requirements of BS 8417:2011 + A1:2014 (Preservation of wood) and BS 5534:2014 + A2:2018 (Slating and tiling or pitched roofs and vertical cladding). The visual grading of these battens works to control decay, insect attacks, the number of knots, fissures and splits and wane.

Meticulous Planning Was Essential

As with most construction sites at the time, the site encountered a few supply chain issues, including those caused by material and third-party transport challenges. Therefore, planning ahead was essential. All works were planned, programmed, and aligned with the Avonside Group SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment and Quality) plan and monitored by Avonside Group Supervisors during regular site visits. It goes without saying that all works were carried out in a safe manner by fully trained experienced operatives. Ongoing toolbox talks delivered by Avonside Group staff to the Site Team constantly cemented the importance of safety and quality work.

A Positive Outcome

As a Group, we strive to meet or exceed standards and expectations wherever possible.

Client Testimonial:

Site Manager and Pride in the Job Quality winner Derek Tait said: “John Mackie and Liam Rowan were two really reliable roof tilers I dealt with at Avonside. Both are really, really good guys who probably deserve a lot of the credit for my Pride in the Job award! They took the time out to speak to the NHBC about the site too, which you don’t often see. All their hard work has been much appreciated.”

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