Morris Homes

Published on 8th December 2018
Morris houses
  • Division: Residential Roofing
  • Client: Morris Homes
  • Location: Peterborough
  • Sector: Residential

At the Housebuilder Awards Morris Homes were winners in the category of Best Low or Zero Carbon initiative for their Vista site on London Road, Peterborough.

Vista is the largest energy efficient housing ‘village’ in the UK, a mix of first time buyer and family homes which offer energy savings and sustainable living across multiple aspects of design and build.

This unique development of 295 environmentally-friendly homes is situated in Peterborough’s South Bank area.

The Saffron four bedroomed property encompasses in-roof photovoltaic panels as part of attaining zero carbon with stunning design.

In addition to the inclusion of energy efficient combination boilers and mechanical ventilated heat recovery units, the development also includes public gardens, living walls, and a dedicated wildlife habitat.

Vista homes is based on a final AS-Designed SAP calculation and current British Gas energy prices, energy savings over a ‘typical’ dwelling compliant with the Regulations are expected to be in the region of £310 per annum.

Avonside Roofing Ltd’s contribution to problem-solving and cost efficiencies were realised during the completion of two plots on the site that run parallel to a train line. The team advised Morris Homes that by using a dry verge system in lieu of a wet verge system would rule out any future remedial work and eliminate any potential Health and Safety risks should the mortar need replacing.

Various property archetypes requiring flat and pitched roofing with integrated solar thermal and photovoltaic panels to support the design aspiration to achieve zero carbon homes.