Podium Waterproofing

Published on 8th October 2018
  • Division: Flat Roofing
  • Client: Reflections
  • Location: Romford
  • Sector: Residential

A new development to meet the demand for affordable housing in key areas, Taylor Wimpey’s Reflections consist of superb 1 and 2 bedroomed apartments that enhance the area with tree lined avenues and communal outside areas.
The apartments have been designed to be sympathetically supportive with 21st Century living and represent the very best in modern urban architecture. This design specification lends itself greatly to the specific roofing requirements as illustrated by this artist impression.

The flat roofs were to include areas of Astroturf, Sedum Roof covering, planters, trees and timber decking, mixing traditional with contemporary.

Initial build Specifications – the client requested that the roof was initially made watertight before the surrounding floors were built; this waterproof covering remained in place for 12 months, before the decorative coverings commenced.

The flat roofing material specification was the Bauder 2 layer felt system.

Flat roofs are challenging in terms of insulation and waterproofing systems. Bauder is the only European manufacturer of bitumen membranes, synthetic membranes and PIR insulation systems to offer such an unrivalled variety of flat roofing solutions. Therefore this system was the ideal choice for the new build development, and will give exceptional performance, durability and versatility throughout its life expectancy of 40 years.

Bauder also provides Xero Flor vegetation blankets, cultivating 150,000 square meters a year to cater for the ever increasing demand. They are able to harvest the sedum blankets and deliver to site within 24 hours of an order being placed. This detailed support from the supplier assisted in the final stages of completion on this project.
Environmental Credentials of Bauder Green Roofs

The growing substrates include a high portion of recycled crushed brick and aggregate which is mixed with composted green waste to provide an ecological solution.

Drainage layers are manufactured from recycled polyethylene, which is one of the most versatile and easily recycled plastics in the world.

The protection, filtration and isolation layers have important roles within a green roof build-up and are manufactured from the following recycled materials: fabric fibres from old clothing, rubber from used car tyres; and plastics from drinks bottles and other everyday items.

To realise cost efficiencies, we took to the client (Taylor Wimpey) alternative products for the roof to cube vent and roof to bin stores areas, recommending a change from felt to single ply material.

Upon completion and prior to the installation of the decorative works on the flat roof, Taylor Wimpey required a more diverse layout for the various coverings, to support their aspirations, we had to look at incorporating various different products within the areas of access, such as resin based concrete paths, paving slabs on pedestals, plus a drainage layer and filter fleece.

Trades required undertaking the work included

  •  Felt Roofers,
  •  General labourers,
  •  Ground workers,
  •  Landscape gardeners,
  •  Carpenters and
  •  Resin path installers.

Not many roofing companies need the expertise of landscape gardeners when installing a roof covering!

During the decorative roof works, all aggregates were delivered in small maxi bags, instead of tonne bags, to assist with the issue of manual handling during loading.

For Avonside Flat Roofing (Biggleswade) this project was initially viewed with some trepidation, undertaking the waterproofing installation presented no issues, however the addition of the decorative layers, and the technical requirements to provide the client with the very best life span, was a new venture.

Danny and his team had to raise their game on this contract, introduce new skills to their portfolio and gain expertise to complete the project on time and within the agreed budget parameters.