Together Housing Associaton

Published on 18th November 2019
Together Housing Association Solar PV System
  • Division: Renewables
  • Client: Together Housing Association Ltd
  • Location: Colne & Nelson, East Lancashire
  • Sector: Social Housing

Principal Contractor & Designer: Avonside Renewables

Installed: May-November 2019

Number of properties installed: 250

Total Installed Capacity (TIC) of Generation: 749.7kWp

Total Installed Usable Capacity of Storage: 1.4MWh

Expected generation per annum: Approx. 600,000kWh

Carbon emissions reduction per annum: Approx. 311,400kgs


  • Sunfixings on roof mounting system – 25 years warranty
  • Genius Roof Solutions – Solar Flash for slates and plain tiles
  • 2380 x JA Solar 315W – JAM-60-S-01-315-BF
  • 250 x Prime Hybrid Energy 3.6kW Inverters with 2×2.8kWh batteries
  • Bespoke configured Owen Brothers generation & import/export metering solution, with ability to grid-trade using aggregated DSR (demand side response)
  • Prime Hybrid Energy monitoring platform visible per dwelling, showing generation, import, export, load, frequency, voltage

Avonside Renewables secured a competitive specification tender with Together Housing Association for the delivery of “THA Solar PV with Battery Storage Pilot Programme” to 250 properties, across the towns of Colne and Nelson in East Lancashire.

The process began with desktop surveys by Avonside Renewables to select the most suitable properties from the available portfolio. Following this process, the client sent invitations to tenants for “Expressions of Interest” for the scheme. Upon an “EoI” being received, an “induction appointment” was booked for the tenant to be “signed up” to the conditions of installation with Together Housing, whilst our own Tenant Liaison Officer explained the process and timescale of installation, finally carrying out a “dilapidation survey”. During the induction survey, a date for a “technical survey” is booked in order to finalise suitability and location of equipment within the property. As part of the technical survey, Avonside was responsible for organising the Together Housing’s asbestos surveying agents to attend for a pre-works assessment. Upon receipt & review of a suitable asbestos report, Avonside booked the installation with the tenants.

The type of tenants was very varied across the completed properties. There were multiple nationalities, ethnicities and religious backgrounds. We also needed to be very aware of any health and/or behaviour related issues. Having the right information and the right person as Tenant Liaison Officer really helped us. One of the many challenges faced was finding a replacement for our TLO mid-way through the project. A number of interviews were carried out and a suitable candidate with many years of experience as a Housing Officer for a neighbouring housing association, recently available, was able to commence quickly, really helping to keep the tenants informed and the project on track.

The installation process has typically been:

  • Day 1/2 – scaffold installation
  • Day 2/3 – solar & battery installation
  • Day 4/5 – scaffold removal

There have been properties when scaffolds have not been able to come down as quickly as intended. There has been a mixture of reasons, including limitation of access on the roads, limitation of access to properties where access is via a locked neighbour’s garden gate, poor weather and the occasional delay of our scaffold contractors. We dealt with all cases as best as possible, informing the tenants as soon as we were aware of the issues, rebooking for the scaffold to be dismantled at the earliest convenience.