Avonside Renewables: The Full 360-Degree Solar PV Solution

Certified under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and a GDGC accredited installer, Avonside Renewables are proud to offer an end-to-end solar photovoltaic (PV) solution, providing unrivalled national coverage.

Generating clean energy from the installation of solar panel electricity systems transforms your roof into a profitable resource.

A History of Excellence

Since 2005, Avonside Renewables have been delivering reliable long-term sustainable solutions to Britain’s commercial, agricultural, private, social and residential housing markets.

To date we have designed, supplied and installed over 10,000 systems, totalling in excess of 35MWp of Solar PV generation, equating to an offset of carbon dioxide (CO2) of more than 14.5 metric tonnes every year.

New Build Homes

We enable main contractors and housebuilders to help future residents embrace the advantages of low-carbon homes and energy-efficient living through the installation of a range of solar PV systems, including on-roof and in-roof systems and solar tiles.

Avonside Group has the largest trained labour pool, using only fully qualified roofing and electrical operatives, with true nationwide coverage.

Housebuilders benefit from improving their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by facilitating sustainable living in communities and can promote their green credentials. Residents make financial gains through the Smart Export Guarantee, receiving payments from the government for the excess energy they export to the National Grid via renewable means.


  • Compliant with building regulations – Fulfils Part L Conservation of Fuel and Power Building Regulations, we are able to design solutions for all new build development compliance requirements, whether this is a 10% offset in carbon or a more advanced standard.
  • Assistance meeting SAP obligations – The Standard Assessments Procedure, cited in Part L of the Building regulations, is a way of determining a property’s energy efficiency performance. The SAP energy rating calculation must be included within each new build’s Energy Performance Certificate. Solar PV systems will boost residents’ energy performance ratings.
  • Conforms to Local Planning Conditions – We have the expertise to ensure each new build development we work on meets all necessary planning obligations and local authority regulations.
  • Hassle-Free installation process – We understand that communication is key for a seamless construction process. We assign each housing development a committed Project Manager to expertly oversee the complete programme, from initial site assessment and health and safety management to organising roofing, electrical and solar PV system installation teams.


We support businesses and organisations to reduce their carbon emissions, smashing sustainability targets and save money on electricity costs. Our extensive experience allows us to help businesses demonstrate energy efficiency compliance and promote their green credentials through the installation of a range of solar PV systems, tailored to each businesses’ needs.

No matter which solar PV system your business opts for the return on investment is a healthy one.


  • Maximise self-usage – Post-subsidy (Feed-In Tariff) solar PV needs to be designed to ensure the generation of your system is directly proportionate to possible savings in purchased energy. Our extensive experience allows us to maximise your benefit by designing a custom solution.
  • Paid for the energy you export – As well as reducing your electricity costs, solar PV is a low-carbon type of technology eligible for the government’s Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), enabling you to receive payments from electricity suppliers for the renewable electricity you export to the National Grid.
  • Supported every step of the way – We are accustomed to large scale construction developments and are adaptable and able to react to changes that often arise within construction programmes. Your dedicated Project Manager will liaise with you from the initial feasibility survey and design to coordinating the installation, keeping you informed at every stage.
  • Minimum disruption to your business – With strategic planning and smooth execution works can commence with the lowest possible amount of disruption to your daily operations.
  • Compliant with building regulations – All works conform with local planning conditions and legislative Building Regulations, so your business is fully protected.

Public Sector

We help care homes, hospitals, Local Authorities and schools alike unlock the many financial and energy efficiency benefits of Solar PV. By working with Avonside Renewables, public sector organisations can achieve their energy and CO2 targets, boost their green credentials, enhance their Corporate Social Responsibility and save money on electricity expenses at the same time.


  • Payment for energy produced but not used – Added to reduced electric bills, any energy your solar PV system is generating that is unable to be used instantaneously, is eligible for the government’s Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), meaning you receive payments from electricity suppliers for the renewable electricity you export to the National Grid.
  • Generate revenue streams – By using solar PV & battery technology, as an energy management portfolio on housing stock, public or commercial premises you own, alongside bespoke metering platforms, we are able to assist you in generating revenue streams to plug back into your investment/premises improvement fund.
  • Reducing fuel poverty – With ever-increasing fuel bills, installing solar PV & battery technology can allow you to provide both energy security and help to reduce reliance on expensive grid-supplied energy, thus tackling fuel poverty.
  • Limited disruption – We understand hospitals, schools and care homes are busy places, which is why our experienced operatives ensure your daily operations experience minimum disruption when works take place.
  • Fulfils building regulation requirements – It goes without saying that all our solar PV installations comply with current Building Regulations and planning obligations, safeguarding your organisation’s reputation.
  • Flawless project management – In order for us to deliver the all-encompassing green solution for your organisation we know regular communication is vital. We assign a consistent Project Manager to keep you informed of project progress, from start to finish.

Avonside Renewables are MCS Certified

Have Confidence in the Low Carbon Technology You’re About to Invest In

Avonside Renewables are proud to carry an up-to-date Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) certification, a sign of quality assurance. If you choose to work with Avonside Renewables this certification impacts you positively in the following ways:

  1. MCS installers must assess your energy needs before proposing a new renewable energy system, such as solar PV, that will fulfil your specific requirements. The assessment considers the size and cost of the system and the quality of your insulation. Regarding electricity, the assessment addresses how your energy usage fluctuates throughout the day over the year.

    The certified installer will always explain the performance you can expect before implementing any installation.

  2. It is compulsory for MCS installers to be registered with a Trading Standards Institute Consumer Code. This gives you extra protection in the unlikely event that your installer ceases trading or makes a rare error.
  3. The MCS certification is required if you wish to be eligible to receive payments under the government’s Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) scheme or benefit from electricity export tariffs under the Smart Export Guarantee.
  4. Installers certified under MCS must participate in stringent vetting and application processes which are reviewed once a year in order to become certified. This is testament to the fact that only technically competent installers who use only high standard certified products are MCS certified.
  5. As a mandatory responsibility, MCS Installers must provide customers with in-depth handover packs, that include any manufacturer’s user guides and their MCS certificate.