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We have reached the end of Mental Health Awareness Week (but not Mental Health Awareness Month), and it has been a great opportunity to examine mental health in the construction industry. But positive mental health is a constant, ongoing concern for us all and something we value greatly at Avonside. […]

We’re delighted to report that we have once again renewed our annual pledge to be Company Supporters of Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity for 2021. The renewal means we have pledged £1000 to the charity, which provides vital mental, physical and financial wellbeing support to the construction community and their families […]

As Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity Company Supporters, we have pledged to donate at least £1000 a year to the leading construction mental health and wellbeing charity. However, it wasn’t an obligation that motivated our staff to raise an incredible £913.75 for the organisation’s worthwhile cause. What moved our Area Director […]

We talk about what names celebrities call their babies, how our favourite football team performed last night and where we’re planning on going on holiday. But what we don’t chat about is mental health, wellbeing and emotional struggle…especially in the construction industry. Did you know 2 construction workers a day […]