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Our Team

Tony Burke

tony burke
Executive Chairman
  • 26 years at Avonside
  • Completed MBO in 2003

Eddie Stanton

eddie stanton
  • 31 years in construction services
  • Also oversees Group Sales and Marketing at Avonside

Kyle Burke

kyle burke
Systems and Integration Director
  • 5 years at Avonside
  • Heads integration of new acquisitions and IT initiatives

Chris Firth

chris firth
Regional Operations Director, North
  • 25 years in roofing (10 at Avonside)
  • Oversees 14 branches

Raj Bhogaita

raj bhogaita
Chief Financial Officer
  • Joined in 2019
  • Previously with Exova (PE backed – CD&R, Bridgepoint)

Andrew Morley

andrew morley
Chief Operating Officer
  • 22 years at Avonside
  • Drives key strategic initiatives across the group

Simon Smith

simon smith
Group Commercial Director
  • 15 years in construction services
  • Previously MD of Bracknell (completed MBO in 2015)

Vince Hughes

vince hughes
Regional Operations Director, South
  • 25 years in roofing (20 at Avonside)
  • Oversees 9 branches

Keith Kershaw

keith kershaw
Acquisitions Director
  • 22 years in roofing (20 at Avonside)
  • Leads acquisition programme